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City of Fredericton
Provincial Justice Building, York Street Audio Tour, Fredericton Heritage Trust, New Brunswick, Canada

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Click for full list of buildings on tourOpposite Phoenix Square, but now on the eastern side of York Street and facing Queen Street is a large, three storey brick building with old iron fencing. It was originally part of the Military Compound for the British Imperial Regiments stationed there from 1784 until they withdrew in 1869. The land was bought for the construction of the Normal School in 1876. In 1914 an annex was added and it is still standing. But then, in 1929, the main part of the building burned down, leaving just a shell. But the pink granite pillars at the front of the building survived this very dramatic fire. By 1931, a larger and more modern facility was built. It became the Teachers' College in 1947. When the College closed in the late 1960s, it was preserved as a Provincial Justice Building.

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