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City of Fredericton
Two and a Half-Story Houses and Harvey House, York Street Audio Tour, Fredericton Heritage Trust, New Brunswick, Canada

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Click for full list of buildings on tourAlong York Street and south, past George Street, are a number of two-and-one-half-story houses. They have steeply pitched roofs, designed for managing heavy winter snowfalls. In the early years, residents were required by law to build their houses close to the front property lines. So that's why the front doors of so many older houses open only a few steps from the sidewalk, not to mention the road.

The house at 245 York Street is a large, elegant one. John and Martha Harvey built it in 1894. John Harvey had established himself as one of the leading New Brunswick photographers. His business (Harvey Studios) is still standing opposite City Hall. When John died young in 1901, Martha took over the studio. Here was a woman ahead of her time! She turned her husband's studio into a very successful and wealthy venture. After 16 years of hard work, in 1917, she sold to photographer Frank Pridham on the condition that the Harvey name remain. Martha continued her philanthropic work. In 1932, she founded the York-Sunbury Historical Society (which, in 1934, founded the museum, now called the Fredericton Region Museum). The Martha J. Harvey Award of Distinction for excellence in history studies is given annually by the Society. Martha died in 1934.

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