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City of Fredericton
Hartt Boot and Shoe Factory, Fredericton Heritage Trust, New Brunswick, Canada

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Click for full list of buildings on tourThe Argyle Street and York Street intersection signals one of the major factories. The Hartt Boot and Shoe Company building at 401 York Street was designed by prominent city architect William Minue. The actual shoe factory was founded by Odbur Hartt. It opened in 1899 and, by 1900, 300 employees made 1000 pairs of shoes each day. Three years later, in 1903, production had doubled: 500 employees now made 2000 pairs each day.

But in 1904, Odbur left, somewhat abruptly, to return to the United States and his business continued under various managements over the years. The factory's doors closed in 1999. Working conditions had deteriorated, and labor unrest and union strikes had grown. An unpleasant, Dickensian-type atmosphere had arisen inside the building. Today, this great structure is privately owned and functions as an apartment complex.

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