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City of Fredericton
Rabbit Town , York Street Audio Tour, Fredericton Heritage Trust, New Brunswick, Canada

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Click for full list of buildings on tourThe next three blocks of York Street, between Aberdeen and George Streets, were mostly residential, with a few small neighbourhood grocery stores. One example is the small shop at 266 York Street where, in the mid-1900s, the grocer lived in the attached house at 268.

East of York Street on Charlotte Street, is a large white building, at 433 Charlotte. It has four large columns and the word Kirk on the front. It used to be a large wooden church built in 1829 on George Street. It was known as the Auld Kirk. It could hold 600 worshippers. Incredibly, that building was moved not once but twice. In 1882 it had to be hauled from George Street around the corner to face York Street. There, it was used as a place of worship while St Paul’s Presbyterian Church was being built. Then, in 1916, Fraser Memorial Hall was added to St. Paul's, so the Kirk was hauled away again—southwards to the next intersection, around the corner at Charlotte Street and then along a little way to face Charlotte Street. Today it functions as Kirk Apartments.

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