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180, 176 and 160 York Street , York Street Audio Tour, Fredericton Heritage Trust, New Brunswick, Canada

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Click for full list of buildings on tourAbout 60 metres north, across George Street, is 180 York Street. Here is how the authors of the book Building Capital (Leroux & Pacey, 2006, p. 7), describe this elegant building: “[It] is a fine residential example of the Gothic Revival style which was introduced to Fredericton architecture after the building of Christ Church Cathedral in the 1840’s-50’s. This residence probably dates from the 1860’s and boasts a pair of steep gabled dormers with opulent gothic bargeboard trim capped by pendants and finials, and a generous wrap-around veranda (albeit classical in style and likely a later addition).” End of quote.

176 York Street is, quote, an “outstanding example of the Second Empire Style in an unusual two-bay side entrance rendition. The tell-tale mansard roof is accompanied by an elegant pair of full-height tower bays capped with small pointed dormer windows fronting the street.” End of quote. (From Building Capital (Leroux & Pacey, 2006, p. 7).

160 York Street, at the corner of Brunswick, was designed in the Beaux-Arts Style with its, quote, “Classical frontispiece with its huge colonnaded portico and solid verandah with balustrade.” (From Building Capital (Leroux & Pacey, 2006, p. 7). The original house was larger but similar in style to today’s 180 York Street building. It was the home of prominent lawyer, G. Frederick Fisher .

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